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You are here: HomePaul Jungnickel Home

Paul Jungnickel Home

The Paul Jungnickel Home provides a residential home for 140 adults with varying disabilities. We assess the potential of each and every individual in the Home and try our utmost best to provide stimulating activities and the necessary care.


We tend to the medical, social, emotional and physical needs of each resident.  We ensure that the residents have access to 24 hour medical care and three meals a day.  Residents are also transported to medical appointments on a daily basis.  A social worker is available to tend to each resident's psychosocial needs.


We rely heavily on volunteers to spend quality time with the residents and to help us organise recreational activities for them.



Vocational Therapy Unit

The Vocational Workshop is the heartbeat of the PJH.  Life skills; arts & crafts; sport; music; entertainment; and other recreational activities are made available to the residents to ensure a stimulating environment.

Protective Workshop

The Protective Workshop is an employment opportunity for adults with disabilities, not just residents of PJH.  Employees are provided with the opportunity to acquire the skills to produce handmade items.  This also contributes to each individual's sense of accomplishment and dignity.  Products from the workshop are available on our online store, the Nickel Xmas Market and on order. 


If you want to become involved or want more information about the Paul Jungnickel Home contact Johannie Burger @

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(012) 940 0221