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You are here: HomeSocial Work Services

Social Work Services

Many families, especially those residing in rural areas, are facing numerous challenges that compromise their emotional, mental and physical wellbeing.  These families often face extreme poverty, lack of service delivery, lack of access to services, limited education and exposure to violent crime and substance abuse.

Our Social Workers are dedicated to assist the community to take care of themselves and their children.  The ultimate goal is to help these families to function independently.  We provide counseling, referrals, parental guidance and undertake awareness campaigns.  We are also involved in preventative services, foster care services and children's court proceedings.  

Our social auxiliary workers assist community member's with applications for IDs and grants at Home Affairs and SASSA.

Social workers provide essential services that are often not recognised by the public.  We salute the hard work they are doing everyday.


If you want to know more about our social work services, report a case or become involved, contact us on (012) 940 0221